Author: Loretta

Arnold Schwarzenegger says Trump was a ‘little wet noodle’ in Putin press conference

There is nothing more devastating than Arnold Schwarzenegger calling you a “wet noodle.” That’s the sick burn dropped by the Hollywood star and former governor of California on President Trump following his widely criticized press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin. SEE ALSO: Trump-Putin press conference gets a roasting from late show hosts After the

In front of Congress, Facebook defends its decision on InfoWars

For the second time in less than a week, Facebook is facing uncomfortable questions about why it continues to allow InfoWars and other conspiracy theory-slinging groups to have a presence on its platform. During a House Judiciary Committee hearing Tuesday, Facebook’s policy chief Monika Bickert fielded questions from Democrats who demanded to know why InfoWars

Octopath Traveler

Available exclusively on Nintendo Switch There’s something special about returning to JRPGs of old, whether it’s to relive iconic stories or relish in mechanics that have long since been left behind. Bustling towns filled with inhabitants eager to spill their tales and slow, methodical turn-based battle systems are a rare sight in the genre today,