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‘I’m an old c*** now, I don’t want to be embarrassing my kid”: Shaun Ryder on why he never misses drugs

Happy Mondays legend has just released a new book Shaun Ryder Happy Mondays and Black Grape legend Shaun Ryder has admitted that he doesn’t miss drugs. The 56-year-old singer admitted that he is happy to have given up his previous rock star lifestyle because he would never want to ”embarrass” his daughter, Coco. Asked if he

Online platforms need a super regulator and public interest tests for mergers, says UK parliament report

The recent policy recommendations for governing powerful Internet platforms comes from a U.K. House of Lord committee that’s calling for an overarching digital regulator to be set up to plug cracks in domestic legislation and work through any overlaps of rules. ” The digital world does not merely require more regulation but a different approach

Touching down the New England Patriots way

There is a romance, a pleasurable anticipation, a certain hopeless inevitability, in supporting a team that never wins. The sweet anguish of unfulfilled longing is a mistress impossible to resist. It is one of those things that makes up a fan(atic). I was 22 and a student living in Boston when I fell in love

Bitcoin gets slower, smaller and more like Ethereum

Editor’s Note: Our novelist Galen Moore( who previously wrote its examination of STOs) attended the MIT Bitcoin Expo this weekend. These are his land greenbacks on his interviews with a cluster of the leading thinkers in the Bitcoin community, along with links to the full audio if you want to go deeper.~ Danny Crichton The