Netanyahu strikes defiant tone amid probes

Tel Aviv, Israel (CNN)Hundreds of Israelis welcomed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to a Likud Party rally in Tel Aviv where he delivered a defiant speech Wednesday night. “You can see both the left and the media,” Netanyahu told the crowd who responded with boos. “They are enlisting now in an obsessive and unprecedented hunt against

Up to 50 Somali, Ethiopian migrants feared dead

(CNN)Up to 50 Somalis and Ethiopians are feared dead after a smuggler taking dozens of migrants to Yemen forced them back into the Arabian Sea off the nation’s coast, the UN migration agency said. “This is shocking and inhumane,” de Boeck said. “The suffering of migrants on this migration route is enormous. Too many young

Here are 10 things millennials do better than your generation, Morning Joe

Image: europa newswire/gado/Getty Images If there’s one thing that annoying people all across the internet can agree on, it’s this: millennials will be the downfall of civilization. Of course, there’s almost always no data to back up their very authoritative pronouncements, but that doesn’t stop certain overinflated pontificators from crapping out their hot takes and