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Is tanking the right path for the Knicks?

This season, the New York Knicks have finally thrown pride out the window and committed to the tank in the 2018-2019 campaign. It seems the Knicks have found their niche, as they are great at tanking and it will provide an opportunity to develop our abundance of young players. Add developing young players and a

Touching down the New England Patriots way

There is a romance, a pleasurable anticipation, a certain hopeless inevitability, in supporting a team that never wins. The sweet anguish of unfulfilled longing is a mistress impossible to resist. It is one of those things that makes up a fan(atic). I was 22 and a student living in Boston when I fell in love

American Eagle Evokes Spring with Gen-Z Cast  

American Eagle has debuted its #AExME spring push which features a lineup of ten Gen-Z cast members who led creative direction and more. American Eagle Outfitters has unveiled a new marketing concept that places its creative direction in the hands of the consumer. Affording its community of followers a platform for self-expression, the brand’s spring

SCOTUS Map: January 2019

Click to enlarge. In January, Justices Stephen Breyer and Samuel Alito participated in the Shakespeare Theatre Company’s Winter Mock Trial, adjudicating a dispute based on “Richard III.” Despite the seriousness of the source material, Jacob Roberts, covering the trial for this blog, reported that both the advocates arguing the case and the judges on the

New Location Of Lightning In A Bottle 2019 Uncovered

Yesterday, Lightning in a Bottle announced that the festival would be moving dates and location in 2019. The festival will now be held on May 8th – 13th, but the location was not officially announced in the statement to fans. However, some enterprising and sleuthful attendees managed to find a proposal for a temporary event permit

Carnival Cruise AirShip Takes Flight; Kicks Off Month-Long Tour of California

Kicking off a year-long celebration welcoming the new Carnival Panorama to the West Coast, Carnival Cruise Line is going to extreme heights today ­– literally – as its popular Carnival AirShip makes its aerial debut in Southern California. Inviting everyone to “Choose Fun,” the 120-foot-long AirShip will fly over and visit culture and entertainment locations