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Touching down the New England Patriots way

There is a romance, a pleasurable anticipation, a certain hopeless inevitability, in supporting a team that never wins. The sweet anguish of unfulfilled longing is a mistress impossible to resist. It is one of those things that makes up a fan(atic). I was 22 and a student living in Boston when I fell in love

Patriots Ban Fan Who Threw Beer on Tyreek Hill; Hill Will Take Action Against Fan

The New England Patriots took a step towards keeping fans under control at games, as they are turning over the fan who threw beer on Kansas City Chiefs star Tyreek Hill during Sunday night’s game. Statement from the New England Patriots: pic.twitter.com/VapBDpzzdg — New England Patriots (@Patriots) October 15, 2018 Following the Patriots’ announcement, Hill and his agent,

Houston Texans rookie quarterback surprises cafeteria workers by donating his first NFL paycheck

Image: joe Robbins/Getty Images During this week of NFL turmoil, here’s one story that will make everyone happy.  Deshaun Watson, a rookie quarterback for the Houston Texans, donated his first NFL game check to three ladies who work at the city’s NRG stadium’s cafeteria and were especially affected by Hurricane Harvey.  SEE ALSO: Miami Dolphins’